Registry Advisory LA 02: Accurate WHOIS Information in Domain

Kind Attention: All Registrars,

Reference: Registry Advisory LA 02 on Accurate WHOIS Information issued at the bottom:

1. Looking at some of the recent reports on inaccurate WHOIS and proxy registrations, .IN Registry is now in the process of reviewing the entire registration base emphasising on its accuracy. Registrars are advised to immediately correct any inaccuracies they come across.

2. Further, in term of section 4.3.3,, 4.4.3 and 4.4.8 of the "Registrar Accreditation Agreement" and Section 1, 2 and 3 of the “Terms and Conditions for Registrants", Registrars must obtain accurate and reliable contact information from registrants to ensure accuracy in the domain registration records. Services like Privacy Protection are not permitted.

3. If the registry detects either inaccurate registrant information or proxy registrations/privacy protection or any other violation relating to accuracy of WHOIS information then specific action like suspension or deletion of such domains will be initiated.

4. .IN Registry has decided to provide, a maximum of four (4) weeks time to the Registrars w.e.f 30th July 2013 to rectify and remove inaccurate WHOIS / Proxy Registrations from your system.

5. Thereafter, in the event .IN Registry detects any such domains, the same would be considered abusive and action initiated for suspension /deletion of these domains apart from other action that the Registry may deem suitable. Your urgent action in this regard is therefore strongly recommended.

6. Should you require any clarifications, do please contact .IN Technical Support.

.IN Registry

Advisory No. LA 02

18th FEBRUARY 2005

It has come to our notice that there are several domain names regarding which the actual Registrant's Contact details has not been provided by the Registrars. As a result there are number of domains where the WHOIS Database reflects that the domain is being held in the temporary account of the Registrars.

The Registrars are hereby informed to provide the data of the actual Registrants so that it is reflected in the WHOIS Database of the Registry. Registrars are given 10 days, up to 23:59 Indian Standard Time on February 28, 2005, to update the contact details of the Registrants. Failure to update all such domains regarding which the actual Registrant details are not given will be summarily deleted from the Registrars Account. In addition, other financial penalties and legal actions may be applicable.

.IN Registry

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