Registrar Form

Registrars must fulfill the following eligibility criteria. The Registry will evaluate your answers based on the .IN accreditation process.

Contact and General Business Information
Criteria 1: Company Status and Business Plan
Provide information about your company status and business plan. This should include details about the company's management, technical systems, and financial status. This information should be sufficiently detailed in a business plan so as to show the ability to develop reliable registrar capabilities by the commencement of registrar's operation under accreditation.
Directors, Officers, and Owners
Please list (i) all directors, (ii) all officers, and (iii) any persons or entities owning five percent or more of your current or proposed business entity. Include the percentage of ownership for each person or entity. Note that any individual can appear on no more than three applications (total) to the Registry.
Applicant, Officers, Directors, or Managers
Please indicate whether (i) the applicant or any of its (ii) officers, (iii) directors, or (iv) managers:

a. within the past ten years, has been convicted of a felony or of a misdemeanor related to financial activities, or has been judged by a court to have committed fraud or breach of fiduciary duty, or has been the subject of a judicial determination that is similar or related to any of these;

b. within the past ten years, has been disciplined by the government of its, her, or his domicile for conduct involving dishonesty or misuse of funds of others;

c. is currently involved in any judicial or regulatory proceeding that could result in a conviction, judgment, determination, or discipline of the type specified in (a) or (b):

d. is the subject of a disqualification imposed by .IN Registry and in effect at the time of this application.

Criteria 2: Secure Access:
Provide secure, authenticated access to the Registry. The Registrar should also provide procedures for information systems security to prevent malicious or accidental disruption of the registrar's operations.
Criteria 3: Operational Stability and Scalability
Provide robust and scalable operations capable of handling the registration volume reasonably projected by the registrar.
Specify the details about your technical capabilities
Criteria 4: Prompt Changes to Registration Data
Allow for prompt handling of registrant requests for changes in registration data.
Criteria 5: Ease of Domain Transfer
Criteria 6: Backup Facilities
Achieve a reliable and readily usable data backup and archival of all registrant and registration data.
Criteria 7: Record Keeping
Maintain electronic copies of all transactions, correspondence, and communications with the Shared Registration System (SRS) for three years beyond the length of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement. The registrar will make these records available for inspection by the Registry upon reasonable notice.
Criteria 8: Customer Service
Have the capacity to engage a sufficient number of qualified employees to handle the registration, update, and customer inquiry volumes.
Criteria 9: Business Continuity
Ensure that the registrar's obligations to registrants and to the Registry administrator will be fulfilled in the event that the registrar goes out of business, including ensuring that registrants will continue to have use of their domains and that operation of the registrant's domains will not be adversely affected for the term of the registered domains.
Criteria 10: Compliance with Registry Policies
Agree to and demonstrate the ability to comply with policies of the .IN Registry.
Criteria 11: Marketing Plan
Provide realistic capacity and plans to help market .IN domain names.